Results-Driven Search Marketing for Software Companies

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

John Wanamaker
Proponent of advertising and a pioneer in marketing

It’s been almost 100 years since John Wanamaker uttered this infamous quote.

The goals are the same now as they’ve always been

– leads, awareness, reporting and analysis

– but the tactics have changed dramatically:

  • Website refinement
  • Constant content
  • Organic Search Optimization
  • Closed-loop analysis and reporting
  • Automation

Even in our digital age, software company marketing departments struggle to quantify the success or lack of success around various marketing initiatives.

Comprehensive analytics is paramount to the success of your software company’s digital marketing efforts. Web reporting and analytics is a pillar of our Digital Marketing System.

What can we do to help?

Some of the basic key performance indicators we track are:

  • Number of visits
  • Average Number of Pages Visited
  • Bounce Rate
  • Average Time on Site
  • Goals (example: Form Completions)
  • Organic Traffic
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Keyword Traffic

Beyond these core metrics, are more advanced analytics that we define for you. The goal is that our advanced analytics will make the Digital Marketing System  a must-have decision making tool for your marketing department.

Enjoy special reports such as:

  • Multi-Goal Tracking
  • Event Tracking
    • file downloads
    • link clicks
    • Flash movie (or element) plays
  • Visual Content-based Analytics
  • Segmentation
  • Content Piracy Detection
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Behavior Profiling

With analytics , you can see hyper specific site behavioral profiles of segments of website traffic. We allow you to create intelligent reports that will change the way your marketing meetings operate forever!

Understand the value of visitors who download a lead magnet versus those that do not download.


Identify unnoticed keyword phrases that are drawing in solid traffic that you may have never even thought of previously!

The options are almost endless!